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We stock the following and more, please enquire at Tel: 011 – 621 8300 or email sales@tagex.co.za

Banded V-Belts
Poly V-Belt ISO 4184 : 1992

Pilot Bore Sprockets
Taper Lock Sprockets Bore
Key Sprockets (On Request)

V- Profile Pulleys SPZ(10N), SPA(13N), SPB(16N), SPC(22N)
Special Profiles: 5V, 8V, D & E
Poly V- Pulleys (On Request)
Timing Belt Pulleys Diameters from 67mm up to 2200mm in all profiles

British Standard Roller Chains
American Standard Roller Chains
Premium SBR Roller Chains
Stainless Steel Roller Chains (On Request)
Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains
Solid Pin Conveyor Chains
Extended Pitch Roller Chains
Mill Chains

Taper Lock Bushes (Metric and Imperial)
QDS Bushes
QDW Bushes
Locking Elements (LK132, LK 133, LK450)
Weld on Hubs
Bolt on Hubs

Tyre Couplings
HRC Couplings
Spacer Couplings
Rigid Couplings
Jaw Couplings
Pin & Disk Couplings
Gear Couplings (On Request)